Domains Extensions TLDs A......H

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a global Internet overseer, is preparing for the largest-ever expansion of the domain name system. The group received 1,930 applications for new “generic top level domains extensions” (gTLD), the “.com” or “.net” part of website addresses. Below is the list of applications. Names that drew multiple applications, like .app and .web, will go to a resolution process that could involve an auction.

Domain TLDs A......A

.ACADEMY  Recruit students with .academy.
.ACCOUNTANTS  .accountants make it all add up.
.ACTOR .actor says you’re perfect for the part.
.ADULT .adult is where grown-ups go to have fun.
.AGENCY  Let .agency represent you online.
.AIRFORCE Share your pride with .airforce.
.APARTMENTS Put your .apartments to work.
.ARCHI .archi is the architect’s space online.
.ARMY Show your stripes with .army.
.ASIA Show your marketing with .army.
.ASSOCIATES Team up with .associates.
.ATTORNEY Make your case with .attorney.
.AUCTION Find bidders with .auction.
.AUDIO Get a great-sounding .audio.

Domain TLDs D......D

.DANCE Make your site move with .DANCE.
.DATING .DATING. Here’s to your happily ever after.
.DEALS Sell more at your .deals website.
.DEGREE Get ahead with .degree.
.DELIVERY Tell them you offer .delivery.
.DEMOCRAT .democrat says you’re true blue.
.DENTAL Present a polished image with .dental.
.DENTIST Build a healthy practice with .dentist.
.DESI .desi tells the world who you are.
.DESIGN .design is the creative’s space.
.DIAMONDS Dazzle them with .diamonds.
.DIET Serve up a healthy .diet online.
.DIGITAL .digital is the place for downloads.
.DIRECT .direct means there’s no middleman.
.DIRECTORY .directory means online listings.
.DISCOUNT Help shoppers pinch pennies with .discount.
.DOMAINS The future looks bright for .domains.

Domain TLDs B......B

.BERLIN Cater to millions with .berlin.
.BEST Everyone wants the .best.
.BID Going once, going twice, .bid!
.BIKE Join the ride with .bike.
.BINGO Share the fun with .bingo.
.BIO .bio says you grow or sell organic.
.BIZ A domain that means business.
.BLACK Give your site effortless chic with .black.
.BLACKFRIDAY Share the year’s best deals.
.BLUE Show your true colors with .blue.
.BOUTIQUE .boutique says you’re exclusive.
.BUILDERS Build your client base with .BUILDERS.
.BUSINESS Tell the world you mean .business.
.BUZZ Start a .BUZZ online.

Domain TLDs E......F

.EDUCATION Hold class anywhere with .education.
.EMAIL .email delivers.
.ENERGY .energy keeps the lights on.
.ENGINEER Promote your skills with .engineer.
.ENTERPRISES Say you mean business with .enterprises.
.EQUIPMENT .EQUIPMENT says you’ve got the goods.
.ESTATE Plan ahead with .estate.
.EVENTS Sell more tickets with .EVENTS.
.EXPERT You have the answers. Share them with .expert.
.EXPOSED .exposed is sensational.
.FAIL Make them laugh with .fail.
.FARM .farm says you work the land.
.FASHION Make a statement with .fashion.
.FINANCE Get a better rate of return with .finance.
.FINANCIAL .financial says you manage money.
.FISH Reel them in with .fish.
.FISHING Catch more customers with .fishing.
.FIT The global exercise market finally gets .fit.
.FITNESS Pump up your business with .fitness.
.FLIGHTS Watch your business take off with .FLIGHTS.
.FLORIST Grow your business with .FLORIST.
.FLOWERS .flowers can brighten anyone’s day.
.FOOTBALL .football is in play.
.FORSALE Sell it yourself with .forsale.
.FOUNDATION Improve the world with .foundation.
.FUND Increase your net worth with .fund.
.FURNITURE Make yourself at home online with .furniture.
.FUTBOL Score big with .futbol.

Domain TLDs C......C

.CAB .CAB will take you places.
.CAMERA Focus your website on .camera.
.CAMP .camp spells adventure.
.CAPITAL Attract clients with .CAPITAL.
.CARDS Get your hands on .cards.
.CARE Heal the world with .care.
.CAREERS Put .careers to work for you.
.CASA Make .casa your home online.
.CASH Bring them in with .cash.
.CASINO .casino is always a safe bet.
.CATERING Deliver delicious with .CATERING.
.CENTER Draw them in with .center.
.CEO .CEO says you’re in charge.
.CHAT Give them something to .chat about.
.CHEAP Sell your savings with .cheap.
.CHRISTMAS Spread cheer year-round with .christmas.
.CHURCH Bring your .church together online.
.CITY Speak to .city dwellers on the web.
.CLAIMS Handle their .claims online.
.CLEANING Build a spotless reputation online with .CLEANING.
.CLICK Join the .click nation.
.CLINIC Open your own .clinic on the web.
.CLOTHING .clothing never goes out of style.
.CLUB Get organized with .club.
.CO Commonly used for COmpany, COmmunity, and more.
.COACH Reach new recruits with a .coach website.
.CODES .codes is your secret to online success.
.COFFEE The world runs on .coffee.
.COM The most popular domain! Do you have yours?
.COMMUNITY Build a .community online.
.COMPANY .company says you’re in business.
.COMPUTER Power up your business with .computer.
.CONDOS Move more units with .condos.
.CONSTRUCTION Lay a solid foundation with .CONSTRUCTION.
.CONSULTING .consulting says knowledge.
.COOKING What have you got .cooking?
.COOL Make sure your website is always .cool.
.COUNTRY Keep it simple with .country.
.CREDIT Find more borrowers with .credit.
.CREDITCARD Get more .creditcard applications.
.CRICKET Raise your batting average – register .cricket.
.CRUISES Make waves online with .CRUISES.
.CYMRU Croeso I .cymru. Welcome to Wales.

Domain TLDs G......H

.GALLERY Open your own virtual .gallery.
.GARDEN See your business take root with .garden.
.GIFT Make someone’s day with a .gift.
.GIFTS .gifts says you have the perfect thing.
.GIVES Lend a hand with .gives.
.GLASS .GLASS. is the clear choice
.GLOBAL .global says you’re everywhere.
.GRAPHICS Attract attention with .graphics.
.GRATIS Generate goodwill with .gratis.
.GREEN Show your true colors with .green.
.GRIPE Let them unload at .gripe.
.GUIDE Lead the way with .guide.
.GUITARS Tune up your web presence with .guitars.
.GURU Offer guidance with .guru.
.HAUS .HAUS tells Germans “welcome home.”
.HEALTHCARE Share .healthcare on the web.
.HELP A little .help goes a long way.
.HIPHOP Express yourself with .hiphop.
.HIV Help us turn the tide on .hiv.
.HOLDINGS Take stock in .holdings.
.HOLIDAY .HOLIDAY says ‘Start packing’.
.HORSE Saddle up for the web with .horse.
.HOST .host is the ISP’s preferred choice.
.HOSTING Build the web with .hosting.
.HOUSE Build, inspect or sell with .house.

Domains Extensions TLDs I......Z

In 2011, ICANN “the body responsible for managing and coordinating the Internet’s Domain Name System”, approved the plan to implement one of the biggest changes the Internet has ever seen, allowing businesses and organisations from around the world to apply for their own domains extensions. The familiar extensions such as .com .net .org and .info, will now compete for domain name registrations with over 1,000 new domain name endings including geographical suffixes, generic words, financial terms and for the first time ever, brands can have their own exclusive domains extensions.

Domain TLDs I......L

.IMMO Move more properties in Europe with .immo.
.IMMOBILIEN .immobilien means real estate in German.
.INDUSTRIES .industries says you produce.
.INFO Put your information on the Web.
.INK Find the perfect .ink domain name.
.INSTITUTE .institute commands respect.
.INSURE Sell more policies with .insure.
.INTERNATIONAL Go global with .international.
.INVESTMENTS Tell them you handle .investments.
.JOBS Give job seekers a direct line to your business.
.JUEGOS Everyone plays with .juegos.
.KAUFEN Sell to Germans online with .kaufen.
.KIM Claim your family name with .kim.
.KITCHEN Mix up a masterpiece with .KITCHEN.
.KIWI Score in New Zealand with .kiwi.
.LA Perfect for showing your local presence in Los Angeles!
.LAND Stake your claim with .land.
.LAWYER .lawyer says you know the law.
.LEASE .lease your own space on the web.
.LEGAL Grow your practice with .legal.
.LGBT Celebrate diversity with .lgbt.
.LIFE Keep it positive with .life.
.LIGHTING Spotlight what you do with .LIGHTING.
.LIMITED .limited says you’re exclusive.
.LIMO Get them there in style with .LIMO.
.LINK Connect online with .link.
.LOANS Find more borrowers with .loans.
.LONDON Court 8 million shoppers with .london.
.LTDA Get the web address you want with .ltda.

Domain TLDs R......R

.RECIPES .recipes is where cooks gather online.
.RED Heat up your website with .red.
.REHAB Heal the world with .rehab.
.REISE Attract more travelers and tourists with .reise.
.REISEN Satisfy their wanderlust with .REISEN.
.RENTALS Move your .rentals on the web.
.REPAIR Fix it with .REPAIR.
.REPORT Offer details with .REPORT.
.REPUBLICAN Join the debate with .republican.
.REST Find the perfect .rest domain name.
.RESTAURANT Bring diners into your .restaurant.
.REVIEWS Be the go-to source with .reviews.
.RICH .rich says you deal in wealth.
.RIP Honor a loved one with .rip.
.ROCKS Tell the world what moves you with .rocks.
.RODEO Round ’em up online with .rodeo.
.RYUKYU Attract tourists and locals in .ryukyu.

Domain TLDs M......O

.MAISON Make .maison your new home online.
.MANAGEMENT Take charge with .management.
.MARKET .Market is open around the clock.
.MARKETING Promote your services with .MARKETING.
.ME A domain that’s all about YOU.
.MEDIA Attract an audience with .media.
.MEMORIAL Get the word out with .memorial.
.MOBI Give customers on-the-go access to your site.
.MODA .moda says you love fashion.
.MOE .moe means passion in Japanese.
.MONEY .money talks.
.MORTGAGE Close more sales with .mortgage.
.NAGOYA Say konnichiwa to .nagoya.
.NAVY Tell the world you support or serve in the .navy.
.NET The perfect complement to a .COM.
.NETWORK Expand your .network online.
.NINJA Show off your .ninja skills.
.NRW .nrw keeps Germany running.
.NYC .nyc is unmistakable.
.OKINAWA Introduce yourself to .okinawa.
.ONL .onl – the all-purpose web address.
.ORG Perfect for your non-profit.

Domain TLDs S......T

.SALE Make the .sale.
.SARL .sarl says you’re a licensed partnership.
.SCHOOL Take your business to .school.
.SCHULE Call German students to class with .schule.
.SCIENCE Share your theories with .science.
.SERVICES Promote your .services on the web.
.SEXY Turn heads with .sexy.
.SHIKSHA .shiksha spells learning for Hindi-speakers.
.SHOES Find the right fit with .shoes.
.SINGLES Find the perfect match with .SINGLES.
.SITE Make .SITE Everything You Want It To Be.
.SOCIAL Say hello with .social.
.SOFTWARE Tell them you ❤ code with .software.
.SOLAR The future looks bright for .SOLAR.
.SOLUTIONS They have problems. You have .solutions.
.SPACE Claim your .space on the web.
.STYLE We like your .style.
.SUPPLIES Keep the world stocked with .SUPPLIES.
.SUPPLY Equip them with .SUPPLY.
.SUPPORT Offer help with .support.
.SURF .Surf says you live for the perfect wave.
.SURGERY Expand your practice with .surgery.
.SYSTEMS Develop a strong Web presence with .systems.
.TATTOO Make your mark with .tattoo.
.TAX Expand your .tax business.
.TECHNOLOGY .technology is for the techie in you.
.TENNIS Serve up a .tennis domain.
.TIENDA Sell to Spanish-speaking customers with .tienda.
.TIPS They have questions, .tips has answers.
.TIRES The world runs on .tires.
.TODAY .today delivers the latest news.
.TOKYO Court a world-class city with .tokyo.
.TOOLS Craft a strong web presence with the right .TOOLS.
.TOWN Be mayor of your own .town.
.TOYS .toys is the fun web address.
.TRADE Build partnerships with .trade.
.TRAINING Teach the world with .training.

Domain TLDs P......Q

.PARIS .paris belongs to the City of Light.
.PARTNERS Team up with .partners.
.PARTS Sell .PARTS on the web.
.PARTY Get your .party started online.
.PHOTO Get a .photo that clicks with clients.
.PHOTOGRAPHY .photography increases your exposure.
.PHOTOS Sharpen your image with .photos.
.PICS Capture your story with .pics.
.PICTURES .pictures says it all.
.PINK Think .pink.
.PIZZA Get your .pizza while it’s hot!
.NET.PL .pl is Poland’s domain.
.PLACE Find your own .place on the web.
.PLUMBING Keep your business flowing with .PLUMBING.
.POKER Raise the stakes with a .poker domain.
.PORN .porn leaves nothing to the imagination.
.PRESS Tell all with .press.
.PRODUCTIONS Lights, camera, .productions!
.PROPERTIES Sell or rent with .properties.
.PROPERTY Claim your .property on the web.
.PUB Tell ’em what’s on tap with .pub.
.QPON Bring shoppers in with a .qpon website.
.QUEBEC Say bienvenue with .quebec.

Domain TLDs U......Z

.UNIVERSITY .university is the place to learn.
.UNO .UNO says you’re #1.
.VACATIONS Sun and fun await at .VACATIONS.
.VEGAS Reach tourists 24/7 with .vegas.
.VENTURES Launch your next project with .ventures.
.VET Tell the world you’re a vet.
.VIAJES .VIAJES means travel.
.VIDEO Be seen online with .video.
.VILLAS Find more buyers or renters with .villas.
.VISION Help them see clearly with .VISION.
.VODKA Neat or chilled, .vodka draws a crowd.
.VOTE Get out the .vote online.
.VOTING Measure public opinion with .voting.
.VOTO Bring Spanish speakers to the polls with .voto.
.VOYAGE .VOYAGE. Let the adventure begin!
.WALES Fly the flag with .wales.
.WATCH Tune in or time out with .watch.
.WEBCAM .webcam brings people together.
.WEBSITE .website is your home online.
.WEDDING Share the good news with .wedding.
.WIKI Share, collaborate and learn with .wiki.
.WORK .work has a job to do.
.WORKS .WORKS gets the job done.
.WORLD Have it all? .world is for you.
.WTF .wtf says “You HAVE to see this!”
.XXX For all of your adult needs
.XYZ Find the perfect .xyz domain name.
.YOGA Help the world find harmony with .yoga.
.YOKOHAMA Make yourself at home in .yokohama.
.ZONE Get in the .zone.
.移动 .移动 tells Chinese speakers you’re mobile.

* Plus ICANN fee of $0.18/yr  .com $8.99* .info $4.99* .co $9.99* .mobl $6.99*  .me $7.99*