Trust our code to protect yours.

Trust our code to protect yours. Bad things can happen to your code when it’s distributed online. It can be hacked before it reaches the user, stolen by another developer, or just never get installed because the “Unidentified Publisher” warning scares off your customers. Fortunately, a DOMAIN HOST IX-ONE Code or Driver Signing Certificate makes […]

Installing an SSL Certificate in Parallels Plesk Panel

Installing an SSL Certificate in Parallels Plesk Panel Follow the instructions below to install the SSL certificate on your Web server. When you have completed the installation process, you must restart Parallels Plesk Panel so that your server will recognize the new certificate. About the Intermediate Certificate Before you install your issued SSL certificate, you must […]

Botnets, Malware & Spyware

What’s Botnets, Malware & Spyware? Botnet is short for “Robot Network.” Also known as “Zombie Armies”, a botnet is a large network of computers infected with malware. Hackers (people who gain unauthorized access to computers or computer networks) control botnets remotely to create and send spam, spread viruses, commit identity theft, and attack other networks […]

Top 10 Online Threats IX-ONE Domain Hosting

Top 10 Online Threats The strategies hackers use to break into your site can be complicated but the results are usually pretty simple – lost revenue. Here are the 10 most common threats identified by the Open Web Application Security Project: 1. Injection. It’s not uncommon for web applications to have injection flaws, especially SQL […]