That’s So .COOL Domain Name

A .cool domain name can be used for many purposes, whether it’s lending an air of hipness to a product, advertising your refrigeration company, or anything else that’s cool. That’s So .COOL Domain .COOL Domains – The Next Big Thing For years, many have settled with traditional top-level domains (TLDs) like .COM or .INFO because there […]

.移动 域名


“.移动”直译为“Yi Dòng”,与“.MOBI”一样,是针对手机网站设计的域名。但该域名属于新一代顶级域名(TLD),用本机语言编写,而“.INFO”和“.MOBI”等顶级域名则用传统的ASCII脚本。 作为对英文域名“.MOBI”补充的顶级域名,“.移动”旨在让汉语人士知道——无论他们身在何方——该网站是专门针对安卓™平板电脑或iPhone等移动设备而设计的。 中国是一个正在发展的巨大经济体。中国的手机用户已逾十亿人,而且有上百万说中文的人遍布世界各地。现今,企业和个人都能借由互联网接触到中国受众了,无 论其国籍为何、使用哪家运营商或何种设备。有了‘.移动’地址,用户便能凭借移动设备的力量,准确地将自己的信息传递给想要接触的受众。 “.移动”域名将根据“先到先得”的方式分配;不过,这期间符合资格的仅限于在全球商标信息数据库(Trademark Clearinghouse)注册的商标持有者。日出期到期后,“.移动”域名将对公众开放。之后,每个人都有资格注册“.移动”地址。

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Top 10 Online Threats IX-ONE Domain Hosting

Top 10 Online Threats The strategies hackers use to break into your site can be complicated but the results are usually pretty simple – lost revenue. Here are the 10 most common threats identified by the Open Web Application Security Project: 1. Injection. It’s not uncommon for web applications to have injection flaws, especially SQL […]


What is .club Domain?

What is .club? .club is a new domain made for clubs of all kinds. Country. Soccer. Book. Just add your group’s name, and you have a web address that tells potential members exactly what you offer. Your perfect domain name is waiting. With hundreds of new domain extensions coming to the web, finding an address […]

United States Air Force AC-130H Spectre gunship jettisons decoy flares

What is .airforce domain name ?

What is .airforce? Wherever you go, Air Force means service, loyalty and discipline. Now there’s a web address made just for active duty members and veterans, as well as the families, facilities and groups that make it their business to support them. Your perfect domain name is waiting. With hundreds of new domain extensions coming […]